Commercial Pest Control Stuart

When you’ve been in the pest control business for as long as we have — serving everything from commercial to residential to equestrian pest control sectors — you start to notice there are some customers who are easier to help than others. In residential pest control settings it’s sometimes not as obvious, but on commercial pest control calls we’ve found there are a lot of jobs where what we do is made easier by what our clients did before we even got there — meaning we needed to do less in reactionary pest control, because they did more in preventative care.

Simple things like cleaning up a commercial space with some regularity can go a long way toward putting off (or even downright eliminating) the need for a pest control service. Taking out the trash regularly is a good first step, and ensuring the trash is kept well-sealed in plastic bags and solid trash cans as far away from the business as possible is a close second.

Make sure the doors in and around your business close all the way, and that water isn’t allowed to pool anywhere inside or out. If you have shrubs or other vegetation near your building, make sure it’s trimmed back so none of it is within two or three feet of the structure itself. If you have to store food on-site inspect it regularly — daily, if you can — for signs of infestation like holes or unexplained spills. Clean those spills up right away if you find them.

Look around your building itself for holes or cracks that might invite unwanted pests; remember, a mouse can squeeze into a hole smaller than a penny, and birds love the warmth of nesting near heat sources. Droppings are a good indicator that you’ve got a problem, and should call a pest control professional sooner rather than later!