Pest Control Experts: Termite Control Begins At Home

As residential and commercial pest control professionals, we’ve been out to a lot of homes and businesses on termite control calls. And over the years we’ve developed an excellent set of best practices for us to help people deal with and eradicate termite infestations, whether mild or severe.

But we also know an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; the best termite control is the steps you take to avoid or reduce the likelihood of infestations in the first place. Termites love wood, and can cause a lot of damage in a relatively short time, so anything you can do to slow them down early is a good idea.

Termite control starts on the first day of new home construction; make sure to use termite-resistant concrete and steel when pouring the foundation. There are lots of products out there for new construction that incorporate poison-impregnanted plastics that simply keep the termites from ever entering the home.

Before building begins, talk to your contractor about which species of wood are more termite resistant than others, and whether those species can be incorporated into the framing of your home. If wood that’s more prone to termite infestation must be used, find out if it can be chemically treated before installation.

Finally, check to ensure there’s a good amount of space between the wood in your home — including the siding — and the ground. Direct ground-to-wood contact is an invitation for termites to come on in, but even small gaps can be breached. More space is better.

Once your home is built, a periodic inspection by a trained pest control expert can help prevent potentially expensive and complicated termite control efforts that result from a full-blown infestation; for more information about termite and pest control, please contact us today!