The Animal on Your Doorstep: Wildlife Control

When you’ve been in the residential and commercial pest control business long enough, you wind up having seen a lot. No two residential pest control calls are the same, and no two pest control solutions are quite like one another, either; the ability to be flexible in how you handle different customers’ needs is important, and we pride ourselves on being able to lean on our experience to help us get through the more “interesting” calls.

We’ve put in a lot of time on bed bug control duties, and had more than our share of roach control and ant control calls. Interestingly, as more and more of our state becomes home to new development and new homes, like the rest of the country we’re seeing something of an influx of wildlife. That influx is better described as the urban/wildlife “interface,” because truly it’s not that the animals are coming to us, but that we’re increasingly building our homes in areas they used to have to themselves.

That means we’re hearing from customers about animals that are trying to adapt their “wild” lifestyles into wholly unsuitable situations — like our houses and places of business. It might seem novel to find an alligator in your yard or pool (and people do, and we’ve helped them out), opossums in your crawlspace or bats in your attic, but the truth is these animals can be dangerous — not just for any pointed teeth or sharp claws they might have, but for the unwanted diseases they are known to carry.

Protecting your family or business means steering clear of these animals when they appear, and contacting wildlife control professionals to help capture and remove them. If you’ve got an urban/wildlife “interface” issue you’d like us to help you with, contact us today!